Author ID Subject Extended Abstracts Full Papers
Author ID Topic & Author Extended Abstracts Full Abstracts
13 Innovative Techniques of Drag Reduction over Blunt Bodies at varied Angles of Attack in Supersonic Flow Author: Gaurav Kunal Jaiswal and Mrinal Kaushik View Download
14 Finite element approach for a parametric study on vibration response of a functionally graded shaft using temperature dependent material properties Author: Debabrata Gayena*, Debabrata Chakraborty and Rajiv Tiwari View Download
17 Experimental Dynamic Response Analysis of Delaminated FRP composite Beams Author: I. Panigrahi1 and B.M. Hembram2 View Download
21 Performance Evaluation of Jigsaw Machine with Kinematic and Stress Analysis Author: Viraj Mehta, Vimal Patel View Download
28 Static analysis of composite boring bar using FEA Author: B. A. G. Yuvaraju, and B. K. Nanda View Download
29 Micro-Mechanical Analysis of Piezo-Fiber Composites through Functional Analysis Akshay Kumar View  
32 Nonlinearity identification of a breathing cracked cantilever beam using Proper orthogonal Decomposition based Reduced Order Modeling. Vigneshwaran.K and Manoj Pandey View  
33 Multi-scale simulation of elastic waves containing higher harmonics Author: Ambuj Sharma, Sandeep Kumar, and Amit Tyagi View Download
34 Stochastic frequency response function analysis of functionally graded plates Author: Pradeep Kumar Karsh, Sudip Dey View Download
35 Effect of Length of Vortex Generators on the Overall Performance of a Transonic Axial Compressor Stage Author: Sreenu G Nath, Shobhavathy M T, and R Ajith Kumar View Download
36 Active Nonlinear Vibration Absorber for a Nonlinear System with Time Delay Acceleration Feedback for Simultaneous 3:1 Internal Resonance, Subharmonic, Superharmonic and Principal Parametric Resonance Condition Author: S Mohanty and S K Dwivedy View Download
38 Active damping of structural vibration using porous ferroelectric ceramic Author: Anshul Sharma View  
40 Numerical prediction of residual stresses and distortions in GMA welding of thin aluminium alloy plates Author: Tapas Bajpai, H. Chelladurai and M. Zahid Ansari View Download
42 Bending and Free Vibration Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composite Spur Gear (CNTRCG) Using Finite Element Method Author: Nagaraj Kantli and Shravankumar B. Kerur View Download
44 Diffusion induced stress in a cylindrical particle-binder system Author: Gaurav Singh and Tanmay K. Bhandakkar View Download
46 Computational Investigation of Reynolds Number Effects on the Calibration of a Hemi-Sphere Four Hole Probe Author: N. Sitaram, Rahul Venkatesan View  
48 Strength and Crack Growth Computation for Various types of Stringers on Stiffened Panels using XFEM Techniques Author: Krishna Lok S. , Reshma G. and B. Dattaguru View Download
50 A phenomenological model for hyper-elastic material under deformation Author: Deepak Kumar*, Md Moonim Lateefi, Somnath Sarangi View Download
52 Survey of Available Techniques for High Speed Turbomachinery Testing Author: N. Sitaram View Download
52 Comparison of Single Hole, Two Hole and Four Hole Probes for Three-Dimensional Flow Measurements Author: N. Sitaram, M. SureshM. View Download
53 An Experimental Analysis of Premixed Coaxial Isothermal and Reacting Swirling Jet Using 2D-PIV Method Author: Deepak Kumar Sahu1 and Prathap C.2 View Download
54 Stagnation and Static Property Correlations for Equilibrium Flows Author: Shubham Maurya and Aravind Vaidyanathana View Download
55 Effect of skewness on stochastic natural frequency of sandwich plates Author: Ravi Ranjan Kumar, Vaishali, K. M. Pandey, S. Dey View Download
58 CFD Simulation of Hypersonic Shock Tunnel Nozzle Author: Jigarkumar Sura View Download
59 A DNS Study of Bulk Flow Characteristics of a Transient Diabatic Plume that Simulates Cloud Flow Author: Samrat Rao, P. Prasanthy, S. M. Deshpande, Roddam Narasimha View Download
60 Laser spallation: A novel technique to evaluate thin film interface strength Author: Sarthak S. Singh and R. Kitey View Download
61 Supersonic underexpanded jet impingement over axisymmetric jet deflector Author: Raushan Kumar1 and Dr. Manoj T Nair2 View Download
65 Investigation of heat transfer from satellite cluster of cylinders at Subcritical Reynolds number Author: S. K. Dhiman*, Arbind Kumar and J. K. Prasad View Download
66 Design and Simulation of 3-DoF Strain Gauge Force Transducer using Finite Element Analysis Author: Ankur Jaiswal1*, H. P Jawale2 and Kshitij Shrivastava3 View Download
68 Effect of stepped bottom on the efficiency of the Oscillating Water Column using CFD Author: Piyush Mohapatra and Joydip Bhattacharjee View  
69 Comparison of standard and staggered conic fins of heatsinks for forced convection microelectronics application Author: Nimesh Limbasiya, Dr. Arnab Roy, Ramesh Bhoraniya and Dr. Atal Bihari Harichandan View  
70 Determination of Hardness for Cone Indentation to a Semi-Infinite Block for Various Cone Angles and Friction Parameters by Numerical Slip-Line Field Technique Author: Arup K. Biswas, Santanu Das and Sanjoy Das View Download
71 Miscible Fluids Interaction in Microchannels in Presence of the Obstacles Author: Jitendra Kumar Patel, Ganesh Natarajan View Download
72 Simplified Theory for Long Underground Cylindrical Storage Tank Author: Abhinanda Dilip, S. Talukdar and Palash Dey View Download
74 Ignition of Hot Particles with Vaying Diameter and Temperature Author: Nupur Gupta, Ratna Kishore V and Sudarshan Kumar View  
75 Transverse-only Vibrations of a Rigid Square Cylinder Author: Subhankar Sen View Download
77 Steady flow past two square cylinders in tandem Author: Deepak Kumar, Kumar Sourav and Subhankar Sen View Download
78 A Micromechanical study of Fibre-Reinforced Composites with uncertainty quantification and statically equivalent random fibre distribution Author: S Koley, P M Mohite, and C S Upadhyay View Download
79 Supersonic Nozzle Design using method of characteristics Author: Parv Khurana, Saurabh Jindal, Hrishabh Chaudhary, Gurpartap Singh, Keerat Singh and Tushar Siag View Download
80 A modified higher order zigzag theory for stress analysis of composite laminates Author: Dhiraj Biswasa and Chaitali Ray View  
81 Comparative study of Biocomposite and synthetic FRP composite with experimental verification Author: Moumita Sit and Chaitali Ray View Download
82 A modified higher order zigzag theory for stress analysis of composite laminates Author: Dhiraj Biswas, and Chaitali Ray View Download
83 A New Robust Flux Limiter Author: Manoj T Nair and Arun Govind Neelan View  
85 NURBS-enriched contact isogeometric element for adhesive contact problems Author: Vishal Agrawal and Sachin S. Gautam View Download
86 Effect of delamination on stiffened and un-stiffened shell-A comparative study Author: Mrutyunjay Rout and Amit Karmakar View Download
87 An Experimental Validation of Numerical Post-Stall Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Wing Author: Vipul Dalela, Aritras Roy and Rinku Mukherjee View Download
88 Energy harvesting from vibration using IPMC taper cantilever beam Author: Satya Narayan Patel and Sujoy Mukherjee View Download
94 Effect of rigid buffel on the dynamic response of rectangular tank Author: Ranjan Adhikary and Kalyan Kumar Mandal View  
95 Rapid Large Amplitude Maneuvers for an Asymmetric Combat Aircraft: A Single Loop Nonlinear Control Scheme Author: Bijoy K. Mukherjee and Manoranjan Sinha View  
96 Numerical implementation of phase transition based constitutive model for 2D and 3D SMP structural elements Author: A.K. Saurav, P.M. Mujumdar and P.J. Guruprasad View Download
97 Wind pressure distribution on rectangular plan tall building due to variation in height of interfering buildings Author: Bharat S. Chauhan and Ashok K. Ahuja View Download
99 Free vibration analysis of laminated composite plates and shells subjected to concentrated mass at the centre Author: Arpita Mandal, Chaitali Ray and Salil Haldar View Download
101 Aerodynamic design exploration of Compressor Cascade for better design Author: Apurva Shukla and Pavan Kotrike View Download
102 Free vibration analysis of fiber metal laminated plates Author: Prasad E. V. and Sahu, S. K. View Download
104 Response Surface Method for Structural Analysis with Imprecise Uncertainties Author: S K. Spoorthi and A S. Balu View Download
106 Instabilities in granular medium due to explosions Author: Nitish Kumar and S. N. Khaderi View Download
108 Tapered Viscoelastic Rayleigh/Euler Bernoulli beam finite element for rotor dynamic analysis Author: Preetam Ray, Chandrani Guha, A. Nandi and S.Neogy View Download
109 On the order of accuracy analysis of SDWLS method Author: Sourabh P. Bhat, S. Parameswaran and Jadav C. Mandal View Download
111 Dynamic analysis of laminated composite plates using Finite Element MethodAuthor: Prithwish Saha., and Kalyan Kumar Mandal View Download
114 Effect of Proof Masses on Composite Piezoelectric Energy Harvester with Variable Mounting Locations Author: Sachin Vilas Salunke , Sajal Roy and K.R. Jagtap View Download
115 Time-Optimal Convergence of Fixed-Wing UAVs to a Circular Path in Steady UniformWind Author: Alok Ranjan and ySikha Hota View Download
116 Numerical Analysis of Rayleigh Step Bearing under Thin Film Lubrication using PMD as an improved method for Direct Iterative Approach. Author: Kumar R. Azam Mohammad S. and Ghosh Subrata K. View  
117 Non-polynomial zigzag theory for the static and buckling analysis of laminated composite and sandwich plates Author: Rosalin Sahoo, Bhrigu Nath Singh, Neeraj Grover View Download
118 HDMR based finite element model update in structural damage identification Author: B.O. Naveena and A.S. Balu View Download
119 Finite-element multi-point impact performance of functionally graded turbo-machinery blades Author: Apurba Das, Mrutyunjay Rout, Amit Karmakar View Download
120 Buckling Analysis of Thick Isotropic Shear Deformable Beams Author: Kedar S. Pakhare, Rameshchandra P. Shimpi and P. J. Guruprasad View Download
123 Experimental Investigation of Evolution of Instabilities in Pipe Flow Author: Tushar Siag and Debopam Das View Download
125 Effects of Injector Nozzle Geometry on Diesel Engine Parameters Fuelled with Preheated Pure Biodiesel Author: Menelik Walle Mekonen , Niranjan Sahoo* and Santosh Kumar Hotta View Download
126 Dynamics of axially functionally graded nonuniform beam with geometric nonlinearity Author: Saurabh Kumar, H. Roy* and Anirban Mitra View Download
127 A comparative evaluation of actuation methods for telescopic span extension of HALE UAV Author: Tanvi Prakash, Hemashree Kakar and Rajkumar S. Pant View Download
128 SHOCK TRAIN DOMINATED CONFINED SUPERSONIC CAVITY FLOW Author: Mayank Kumar, Aravind Vaidyanathan View Download
129 A robust and accurate convective pressure split approximate Riemann solver for computation of compressible high speed flows Author: Sangeeth Simon and Mandal J .C. View Download
131 Effect of air-fuel ratio on the performance and emission characteristic of a biogas fuelled spark ignition engine Author: S. K. Hotta, N. Sahoo, K. Mohanty and Menelik Walle Mekonen View Download
132 Numerical Analysis of Internal Flow Field of a Mixed Flow Compressor Impeller Author: Taha Y. Poonawala, Samip P. Shah, R. N. Patel, S. A. Channiwala View Download
133 Enhanced exploitation of long endurance UAV’s electro-optical payload for improved surveillance Author: Vijay Kumar A, Umang Shukla, Dr PK Dutta and Dr Sikha Hota View Download
134 Spectral finite element for dynamic analysis of piezoelectric laminated composite beams Author: Namita Nanda and B. P. Patel View Download
136 Determination of interlaminar stress components in a pretwisted composite strip Author: Santosh B. Salunkhe and P. J. Guruprasad View Download
137 A Study on Wrinkling Characteristics of NBR Material Author: Vaibhav S Pawar Rajkumar S .Pant and P.J.Guruprasad View Download
141 Obtaining exact modal parameters by removing effects of probe and exciter using experimental modal analysis Author: Priyankar Datta, A. Nandi, and S. Neogy View Download
142 Comparative study of mode I fracture property of conventional concrete and cementitious composite material Author: Deb S., Mitra N., Maitra S. R. and Majumder S.B. View  
143 Large-eddy Simulation of Shock Train in Supersonic Diffuser Flows Author: Susila Mahapatra and Somnath Ghosh View Download
145 An Efficient Metamodelling based Robust Design Optimization of Structure under Stochastic Extreme Wind Load Author: Gaurav Datta and Soumya Bhattacharjya View Download
146 Dynamic response of stiffened plates subjected to underwater blast loading Author: P. Tekam and M. D. Goel View Download
147 Effect of void shape and orientaton, and material anisotropy on the fracture of AA7075 Author: Tawqeer N. Tak, Aditya Prakash, Arijit Lodh, P. J. Guruprasad, and I. Samajdar View  
151 Optimal path planning for fixed-wing UAVs in 3D space Author: Nikhil Kumar Singh and Sikha Hota View Download
154 Coordinated Path Planning and Simultaneous Rendezvous of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Author: Kumar Suraj , Sikha Hota View Download
155 Modeling of Fuel Reactor in a Chemical Looping combustion Process by using CFD Author: Mit Manojbhai Sheth, Arnab Roy and Atal Bihari Harichandan View Download
156 MMOC: A novel idea for fully expanded flow in supersonic nozzles Author: Dipen R. Dangi, Parth B. Thaker and Atal B. Harichandan View Download
157 Stagnation Point Transient Heat Flux Measurement, Analysis from K-type, E-type and J-type Coaxial Thermocouples Author: Sanjeev Kumar Manjhi and Rakesh Kumar View Download
158 IR Signature studies of Serpentine nozzale with elliptic exit Author: A Nageswara Rao, Boomadevi, Shubham, abhijit Kushari, and Gaurav Kunal Jaiswal View Download
159 Probabilistic free vibration analysis of Goland wing Author: Sandeep Kumar, Amit Kumar Onkar, M Manjuprasad, View Download
159 Aeroelastic studies of a double wedge airfoil in hypersonic flow regime Author: A Arun Kumar, Amit Kumar Onkar, and M Manjuprasad, View  
160 Effect of graphite particulate on mechanical properties of glass fiber reinforced composite Author: Antara Bhattacharjee, Kanchan Roy and B. K. Nanda View Download
161 Effect of material constants on performance of bimorph energy harvester Author: Shreya Banerjee and Sitikantha Roy View  
162 First Ply Failure Study of Laminated Composite Conoidal Shells using Geometrically Nonlinear Formulation Author: Kaustav Bakshi and Dipankar Chakravorty View Download
163 Numerical Analysis of K-type, J-type and E-type Coaxial Thermocouples for Transient Measurement Author: Digvijaysinh Barad , Sanjeev Kumar Manjhi and Rakesh Kumar View Download
165 Computational Investigation of Drag Reduction by means of Two-Dimensional Roughness on the Suction Surface: Effect of Position Author: H. Madhan Raj A. Murali Krishnan K. J. Praveen Kumar N. Sitaram View  
166 Analysis of transformed sixth order polynomial curve for the contraction of wind tunnel by using OpenFOAM Author: Lakshman R and Ranjan Basak View Download
168 Fracture Characterization of Composite Using High Dimensional Model Representation Based Cohesive Zone Model Author: B. Kesava Rao and A. S. Balu View Download
169 Numerical Simulation of Supersonic flow seperation in Over Expanded Planar de-Laval Nozzle Author: D.S.Ramaswamy, Aqib Khan, Rakesh Kumar View  
172 CFD Modelling of Scramjet Combustor Author: Saurabh Jindal and Sudarshan Kumar View Download
173 A Semi-Analytical Adaptive Sparse Surrogate based Approximation Model: Application in Non-Linear Stochastic Dynamics and Vibration Control Author: Tanmoy Chatterjee and Rajib Chowdhury View Download
178 Active structural vibration control under seismic excitations Author: Tejas Tamboli, Arun Tangirala , Abhijit Sarkar View  
179 A GPU-based simulation of nonlinear finite element problems Author: Utpal Kiran and Sachin S. Gautama View Download
180 Micro Particle Image Velocimetry Studies on Flow of Suspensions through Bifurcating Channels Author: Bhaskar Jyoti Medhi, Vipin Agrawal and Anugrah Singh View Download
182 A numerical study on the behaviour of steel beam-concrete slab composite structure Author: Deepak Kumar and Subhashish Roychowdhury View Download
183 Different Gaseous Fuels under Variable Compression Ratio and Spark Location in Spark Ignition Engine: The Comparative Performance Study. Author: Ashish J. Chaudhari , Santosh Hotta , Vinayak Kulkani and Niranjan Sahoo View Download
184 Electrodeposited Functional Polymer Nano-composites (EFPNC) – Futuristic Materials for Aerospace and Electronic Applications Author: Dr. Ashok Kumar Shukla View Download
185 Gravity Wave Interaction with Multiple Submerged Porous Structures on Impermeable Multi-step Bottom Author: V. Venkateswarlu and D. Karmakar View Download
187 Fatigue Crack Growth Simulation In Functionally Graded Materials Using Level Set Methodology In Framework Of Element Free Galerkin Method Author: Sahil Garg , Deepak and Mohit Pant View Download
191 Fatigue Life Assessment of an Existing Railway Bridge in India Incorporating Uncertainty Author: Mrinal Chanda ; Kishore Chandra Misra, and Soumya Bhattacharjya View Download
192 Determination of Coupling Factors for Bolted Plates using Finite Element Analysis Author: Achuthan. C. Pankaj and S.M. Murigendrappa View Download
194 Numerical simulation of flow over a re-entry crew module Author: Achuthan. C. Pankaj and S.M. Murigendrappa View  
197 Aerodynamic Design and Numerical Analysis of Transonic Axial Flow Compressor Author: S. Rathnavel , K. Balaji , K Vijaya Sankaran View Download
199 Experimental Study of Regression Rate Augmentation using Vortex Generator in a Hybrid Rocket Motor Author: K. Manikandan, P. Balaraman, S. Sivapriya and L. Charitha View Download
200 Numerical Simulation Of Isothermal Crack In Functionally Graded Material In Weak Discontinuity Domain Using Element Free Galerkin Method Author: Sahil Garg , Chandra Shekhar and Mohit Pant View Download
204 Numerical Simulation of Acoustic Emission Waveforms Generated by Tension and Shear Cracks in RCC beams Author: Arun Roy, Paresh Mirgal and Dr. Sauvik Banerjee View Download
205 TURBULENT FLOW OVER A TRAIN OF K-TYPE ROUGHNESS Author: Pankaj Kumar Raushan , Santosh Kumar Singh and Koustuv Debnath View  
206 Numerical Study of the Blade Sweep and Lean Effects on an Axial Supersonic Impulse Turbine Flow Field and Performances Author: Sooin Jeong, Byoungik Choi, Hanggi Lee, Jaye Koo and Kuisoon Kim View Download
211 Modeling of Large Elasto-Plastic Deformations in Bi-material Components by FEM Author: Aditya Kumar Singh Azher Jameel, G. A. Harmain View Download
212 Handheld FFT Analyser Author: Tuhin Bandopadhyay, Shashank Gandhi, N. K. Peyada, A. Ghosh View Download
213 Effect of impact angle on the ballistic performance of Aluminum and Polycarbonate targets Author: Sachin G View  
216 Design and feasibility analysis of hot air tethered aerostat system Author: Navin Kumar Mahto, Rajkumar S. Pant View  
218 Experimental and numerical analysis of large elastic-plastic deformation of mild steel Author: Amit Kumar Maloy K Singha and Vikrant Tiwari View  
219 Actuator modeling for Electro-magneto-hydrodynamic flow control studies Author: Hari Sankar and Pradeep A.M. View Download
220 Numerical simulation of flow over a re-entry crew module Author: S. Rathnavel, K. Balaji, K Vijaya Sankaran View  
226 Differential Evolution for Regular Orbit Determination Author: Pratik V. Dedhia and R V. Ramanan View Download
228 Optimal Design Technique and Economical Assessment of Stand-Alone Small-Scale HAWT for Indian Scenario Author: Umesh Chaudhary, P. Tripathy and S. K. Nayak View Download
229 Finite Element Vibration Analysis of Skew Sandwich Plate Author: Dr. Sreyashi Das(nee Pal) and Dr. Arup Guha Niyogi View Download
231 Dynamic Stability Analysis of a Parabolic Tapered Rectangular Beam Subjected To Periodic Excitation with Variable Thermal Gradient Author: Pravat K. Behera, Rakesh R. Chand Madhusmita Pradhan and Pusparaj Dash View Download
232 Study on Parametric Instability of an Asymmetric Tapered Sandwich Beam Configuration by Computational MethodAuthor: S. Das, M. Pradhan*, P.R. Dash View Download
233 Wind Fragility Assessment of RC Chimney Considering Temperature EffectsAuthor: Avinandan Sahoo, Soumya Bhattacharjya and Saibal Kumar Ghosh View Download
234 Active Aeroelastic Wing Technology – A Preliminary StudyAuthor: Madhusudan A. Padmanabhan View  
235 Study on real-time engine model for performance verification of turbofan engine EECU in the normal operation phaseAuthor: Sunguk Kim, Seonghee Kho, Jayoung Ki and Changduk Kong View  
239 LIQUID SLOSH SIMULTION STUDIESAuthor: Naveen kumar S , J Jaidev Vyas, Dr G Balamurugan and Dr Rajagopal M S View Download
243 Development of Coupled Dual grid Level Set and Lattice Boltzmann based Multi-Phase Flow SolverAuthor: Prof. Absar M. Lakdawala View  
244 Numerical Simulation of Magnetic Pulse Welding Process for Aluminum tubes to Steel BarsAuthor: S. M. Tak., H. B. Kang.a and S.S. Lee. View Download
245 3D Numerical Investigation of the Tandem Compressor Cascade with varying Sidewall Gap DistanceAuthor: Chirag Solanki and Shine SR View Download
246 POD Analysis of Flow Past Two Circular Cylinders in Tandem Arrangement Author: Balavignesh V. N , Supradeepan K and Arnab Roy View Download
247 Applicability of Tricycle Modeling in the Simulation of Aircraft Steering System Author: Sathish S, Suryanarayanan L, Jaidev Vyas J and Balamurugan G View Download
248 Characterisation of flow structures for a surface interacting plane turbulent jet Author: Sayahnya Roy, Kumar Pushpak, Koustuv Debnath View Download
249 Analysis of Adhesive Layer Strain Field in a Single Tapered Scarf Repaired CFRP laminate using Digital Image Correlation Author: Seshadri Matta and Ramji M View  
250 Influence of micromechanical properties on thermomechanical response of laminated composite plates Author: Yadwinder S. Joshan, Neeraj Grover and Lalit K. Sharma View  
252 Quasi Steady Stall Modelling of Aircraft Using Least-Square Method Author: Hari Om Verma* and N. K. Peyada View Download
254 Open channel turbulent flow in the presence of surface wave Author: K. Barman and K. Debnath View Download
257 Free vibration and stress analysis of laminated box beam with and without cut-off Author: Raj B. Bharati, Prashanta K. Mahato, E. Carrera, M. Filippi and A. Pagani View  
258 Numerical study on the hydrodynamic performance of S1210 hydrofoil with tube slots Author: Parikshit Kundu, Arunjyoti Sarkar, Vishwanath Nagarajan View Download
260 Nonlinear Analysis of Skew Plates on Winkler Foundation using Element Free Galerkin Method Author: Gaurav Watts, S. Pradyumna and M. K. Singha View Download
261 Effect of delamination on vibration characteristic of smart laminated composite plate Author: Ganesh Shankar, Jayant Prakash Varun, P.K.Mahato View Download
263 Identification of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems using HDMR-Kalman Filter Author: Shereena O A and B.N. Rao View  
264 Study of the Effect of Heat Flux Position on Thermo-Acoustic Instability boundaries of Rijke tube Author: Nilaj Deskmukh, Rajdeep Jagdale, Soham Shah Pavan Patil and Pradeep Gite View Download
265 A Development of EASY Maintwnance Assistance Solution(EMAS) using ICT for Gas Turbine Author: JAYOUNG KI View  
266 Characterization, Micromechanical Analysis and Prediction of Effective Properties of Prepreg Based Discontinuous Composite Author: Vishnu A R, P R Krishna Mohan, and P M Mohite View Download
267 Free vibration analysis of functionally graded porous circular arch in thermal environment Author: Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Talha View Download
269 Experimental Modal Analysis of a Cantilevered Laminated Composite Plate Author: Mahesh Chand Gupta, Durga P. Patra, Chandra S. Verma, S. Kumar and P.K. Mahato View Download
271 Wave propagation in delaminated thin pre-twisted anisotrpoic strip Author: Punith P , Guruprasad P J and Mira Mitra View Download
273 Global Sensitivity Analysis of Single Lap, Multi-Bolt Composite Joint using Computational Micro Mechanical Approach Author: Supriya M. Jadhav, Appaso M. Gadade and B. N. Singh View Download
274 The Effects of Micromechanical Parameters on the Bending Behaviour of Glass-epoxy Laminated Composite Shells Author: Lalit K. Sharma, Neeraj Grover, and Yadwinder S. Joshan View  
275 Thermo- mechanical bending analysis of skew FGM laminated plates Author: Sanjay Singh Tomar and Mohammad Talha View Download
276 Effect of Geometric Imperfection on the vibration response of shear deformable functionally gradient plate Author: Ankit Gupta and Mohammad Talha View Download
277 Temporal Flow Characteristics of High-Frequency Supersonic Actuators Integrated in REM-Nozzle Assembly Author: John T. Solomon, David Alexander, Chitra R. Nayak, Javis Howard, and Leavon Lewis View Download
281 STUDY OF FLOW CONTROL DEVICE FOR SHIP AIRWAKES Author: S. Shukla, S. N. Singh and S. S. Sinha View  
282 Dynamic responses of Bridge and Vehicle for various Vehicle modelsAuthor: Mounika Kundurua and B.N.Raob View Download
283 Turbulent characteristics of oscillatory flow over rough bottomAuthor: S. K. Singh and K. Debnath View  
285 A computational model for VIV induced fatigue damage assessment of marine riser in current dominated locations Author:C. Pallan and R. Sharma View Download
286 Near resonant beating phenomenon in 2-D nonlinear structural acoustic waveguide Author: Biswajit Bharat and Venkata R. Sonti View Download
287 Vibration analysis using machine vision system Author: Jithin T V, Sudheesh Kumar C P, Gopi Krishna N View Download
288 Sound radiation from a fluid-loaded perforated panel set in a baffle Author: Anoop Akkooarath Mana and Venkata R. Sonti View  
289 Numerical Investigation of Flow Through A Rotating, Annular, Variable-area Duct Author: Palak Saini, Sagar Saroha, Shrish Shukla, Sawan S. Sinha View Download
290 Direct transfer-trajectory design to Jupiter using Iterative Pseudostate Technique Author: S.P. Parvathi and R.V. Ramanan View  
291 State estimation using filtering methods applied for Aircraft landing maneuver Author: P.S.Suresh, Niranjan K.Sura2 and K.Shankar View Download
292 Crashworthiness performance of Frusta Tube Structures against Eccentric loadingAuthor: Vivek Pate, Gaurav Tiwari, Ravikumar Dumpala View Download
293 On Fatigue Crack Growth in Plastically Compressible Hardening Solids by Crack Tip Blunting Author: Shushant Singh* and Debashis Khan View Download
296 Design of automatic pitch controller for Hansa-3 aircraft to account for small perturbation Author: Salahudden, Inderjeet Singh, A.K.Ghosh View Download
298 Hygro-thermo mechanically- induced fracture analysis of edge crack Piezomagnetic laminated composite plate using DCM Author: Khushbu Jain, Achchhe Lal View Download
299 Characterization of 2D Nanomaterials for Energy Storage Author: Akarsh Verma and Avinash Parashar View Download
302 Static and Dynamic Characterization of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Composite and its Application for Horseshoe Author: A.Gupta, M.Gupta, R.K.Singh, Q.Ansari and S.Ahmed View Download
303 Aerodynamic Parameter Estimation using LASSO Regression Method from Flight Data Author: Ajit Kumar and Ajoy Kanti Ghosh View Download
305 Research Review on Variation in VARTM Experimental Setup Development Author: Alpa Tapan Bhatt, Piyush P Gohil, Vijaykumar Chaudhary View Download
309 Cold Expansion of Elonagted Hole : A Realistic Finite Element Simulation Author: S. Anil Kumar and N.C. Mahendra Babu View Download
310 Numerical investigation of crushing behavior of conventional and reinforced honeycomb structure against in plane loading Author: Tiju Thomas, Gaurav Tiwari View Download
311 Development of M-DSMC Numerical Algorithm for Hypersonic Flows Author: Malaikannan G, Rakesh Kumar View Download
312 Effect of module on wear reduction in high contact ratio spur gears drive through optimized fillet stress Author: R. Ravivarman, K. Palaniradja, R. Prabhu Sekar View Download
313 Effects of boundary conditions and excitation locations on power flow of vibrating beams Author: Gopi krishna N, Sudheesh Kumar C P, Jithin T V View Download
314 Mixed mode stress intensity factor of edge crack laminated composite plate in hygrothermal environment using XFEM Author: Achchhe Lal, Shailesh P. Palekar View Download
315 Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis of using a SiC based nanofluid as an automotive radiator coolant Author: Sooraj, Sukirt View Download
321 Methodology for analysing two dimensionally periodic phononic crystals for elastic wave attenuation and guiding. Author: M.K. Kolati and C.R. Friedrich View  
344 Unusual extension-torsion-inflation coupling in intrinsically twisted elastic tubes Author: Raushan Singh, Pranjal Singh and Ajeet Kumar View  
345 Computational Study of Air Flow Interactions and Drag Reduction Techniques in Vehicle Platoons Author: Mitali Mangesh Jadhav, Suhani Sanjay Patel, Dhruvin V Shah and Arpit N Patel View Download
347 Estimation of multidimensional demand curves using extreme value analysis Author: K Pandey B Radhika and S R Dash View  
348 Effect of eccentricity on stochastic dynamic characteristics of hydrodynamic journal bearing Author: Surajit Das, Biswajit Roy and S.Dey View Download
349 A note on dynamic initialization of numerical model for plankton dynamics in Sundarbans Estuarine Systems, India Author: Tanaya Das Sharanya Chakraborti, Joydeep Mukherjee, Goutam Kumar Sen View Download
351 Dynamic Fiber Bundle Models with Local Load Sharing Author: Chowdary VR Tummala Nagaraj Gundala. and Suprasad Amari View  
352 Energy harvesting using piezoelectric Author: Anirudha Jain and Vishesh Saxena View Download
360 Effect of particle loading on regression profile, igntion and flame characteristics of boron laden nanofuel droplet Author: Pawan Kumar Ojha and Srinibas Karmakar View Download
361 Two-dimensional analysis on Rayleigh Benard convection in a square cavity with adiabatic and isothermal sidewall conditions Author: Umesh V and Shaligram Tiwari View  
362 Obstacle Avoidance for Unmanned Air Vehicles Using Monocular SLAM with Chain Based Path Planning in GPS Denied Environments Author: Bharadwaja Yathirajam, Vaitheeswaran S.M and Ananda C.M View Download
364 Vibration Analysis of Piezoelectric Laminated Composite Plate Using Inverse Hyperbolic Shear Deformation Theory Author: B.R.Thakur, Surendra Verma, B.N.Singh and D.K.Maiti View  
365 Combustion Characteristics of Boron-HTPB Based Solid Fuels for Hybrid Rocket Applications Author: Syed Alay Hashim, Sanket Kangle, Srinibas Karmakar, and Arnab Roy View Download
366 Study on freeze drying of water and milk in a spherical shell Author: Srinivasan G and Raja B View Download
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